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Recycling in island regions: state-of-play and solutions for the future - 25 ̀ay 2015

Members of DAFNI network attended the conference on Recycling in Island Regions, hosted by the Municipality of Santorini, under the auspices of the Ministry for Environment and the Hellenic Recycling Agency on 22-23 May 2015. The conference aimed at highlighting the particular challenges facing Greek islands concerning waste management, i.e. uneven distribution of waste production due to seasonality, growing touristic flows coupled with unsustainable tourism practices, need to ship recycled material to collection and processing centres far from islands, since the limited size and number of permanent residents does not make it cost-effective for islands to host such facilities) and suggest concrete measures (economic, regulatory) to overcome these challenges. Best practices from other islands of Europe on landfill banning, sorting and composting were presented. Alongside the more targeted measures, the conference discussed the need to tackle waste management through the adoption of a more holistic approach. In this respect, Alkisti Florou representing DAFNI network delivered a presentation on the importance of identifying the synergies between waste, energy flows and water use, as a means to achieving the integrated management of islands' natural resources and infrastructure, thus ensuring islands' develop in a balanced and sustainable way.