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ELENA Technical Assistance awarded to DAFNI network - for preparing a project for Smart Grids in 5 Aegean Islands

A Technical Assistance grant from the ELENA facility was awarded to the DAFNI Network of Sustainable Aegean islands. The facility is managed by European Investment Bank, while the funding comes from the European Commission (DG ENERGY). The title of the proposed project is: Development of smart-grid infrastructure in 5 autonomous island grids of the Aegean Sea in Greece.

The Technical Assistance will be used for the development of technical studies and the support/preparation/finalisation of the procedures (legal, financing, call for tenders) for the installation of smart grids infrastructure in 5 islands, namely Lesvos, Limnos, Milos, Kythnos and Santorini (in total 150.000 inhabitants).

The proposed investment project will combine in these five islands three complementary components (smart grids, decentralised PV systems and charging stations for EVs).


The main components of the investment project are:

  • Installation of smart electricity meters for all users of the distribution networks of the selected islands, capable of recording energy and power demand, energy supply and power quality characteristics.
  • Installation of energy control centres (ECCs) for each of the selected autonomous island grids, with extended functionality for load and RES power forecasting, conventional plants operation and scheduling, on-line security assessment, RES station control, integration of electricity storage facilities and load management.
  • Installation of new photovoltaic (PV) systems on the rooftops of public and/or private buildings in the five islands through a collective approach that will involve small local investors enhancing local participation in RES investments.
  • Installation of charging stations for Electric Vehicles (EV) in the selected islands.

The total investment cost is estimated at 52,82 M€ and will cover the costs for smart meters and AMR-AMM centres, ECCs, ICT infrastructure, charging stations for EVs and Photovoltaic systems.

Expected bBenefits'
The main expected benefits due to smart grids for the 5 islands will be energy savings, potential increase in RES penetration, optimum demand size management, and reduction of CO2 emissions, as well as awareness raising among the local societies.