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International Cooperation

Covenant of Mayors

The Covenant of Mayors is a vast European movement involving local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change. It is an initiative based on a voluntary commitment by signatories to meet and exceed the EU 20% CO2 reduction objective through the development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs).

The municipalities' Action Plans should include investment projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy that will be realised on their territories and are expected to result to CO2 emissions reduction by at least 20%.

Ten Municipalities of the Network of Sustainable Aegean Islands (DAFNI) participate in the Covenant of Mayors, having submitted action plans for the achievement of 100% reduction in CO2 emissions: Ios, Kea, Andros, Lipsi, Milos, Limnos, Nisyros, Santorini, Syros and Skyros.

The DAFNI network is a Covenant Coordinator for the islands of the Aegean, providing strategic guidance and technical support to the Municipalities-members of the Network that wish to commit by signing the Covenant of Mayors but they lack the necessary skills and resources in order to fulfil their obligations. Within the support provided to Aegean Municipalities, the Energy Academy e-learning programme was created. Its aim is to build capacity on the islands in energy planning and other energy issues of general interest, so that Aegean islands are better equipped in their efforts to meet the challenges that derive for European local authorities from the 20-20-20 EU objectives.

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