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40 Island Municipalities, 1 Regional Union of Island Municipalities and 3 Regions of the Aegean Sea are members to DAFNI.

DAFNI Network of Sustainable Greek Islands is a non-profit organization established in 2006 that seeks to create opportunities and support initiatives towards the sustainable development of Greek islands, namely:

  • Empower islands' local societies and authorities to make decision-making around key topics such as local economic development, environmental protection and preservation of cultural heritage more participatory.
  • Put forward integrated, innovative and smart solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable transport and mobility, sustainable waste and water management.
  • Leverage financing from EU programmes to the benefit of island-members of the Network.
  • Promote investment schemes and governance practices that foster innovation and social inclusion.
  • Preserve and protect islands' natural environment, which represents a key economic resource at local and national level.
  • Support quality and sustainable tourism.
  • Participate in international organizations that enable the sharing of experience and knowledge exchange.


DAFNI has 44 members, of which the Regions of South and North Aegean, the Region of Ionian Islands, the Regional Union of Municipalities of Ionian Islands and the island municipalities of: Aegina, Alonissos, Amorgos, Anafi, Andros, Antiparos, Astypalaia, Chios, Thira, Ios, Kalymnos, Kea, Kimolos, Kythnos, Kos, Lipsi, Lefkada, Lesvos, Limnos, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos and Small Cyclades, Nissyros, Patmos, Paros, Psara, Rhodes, Samothraki, Serifos, Sikinos, Sifnos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Symi, Syros-Ermoupoli, Tilos, Tinos, Ydra, Folegandros, Fournoi-Korseoi.

DAFNI Network is proud to coordinate the Smart Islands Initiative

28 March 2017 marks a strong comeback of islands in the European Parliament. The Smart Islands Event: Creating New Pathways for EU islands gathered over 100 European island representatives, stakeholders and policy-makers to officially present the Smart Islands Initiative, one that sheds light on the potential of islands to emerge as ideal territories for the deployment of innovative technologies in the fields of energy, transport & mobility, water & waste management and ICT. During the event 36 island representatives, networks and organizations signed the Smart islads Declaration at the presence of Director General for Energy Dominique Ristori.

For more information, please visit the Smart Islands Initiative website
1st Smart Islands Forum
Athens 24 June 2016 - The 1st Smart Islands Forum was hosted in Athens on 21 and 22 June at the initiative of the DAFNI Network of Sustainable Aegean and Ionian Islands and the Aegean Energy Agency. The Forum, supported by the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Covenant of Mayors Office gathered representatives of island local and regional authorities and actors from 13 countries, namely Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK. Giorgos Patoulis, President of KEDE, Gerasimos Damoulakis, Mayor of Milos and Member of the Board of DAFNI Network, Alexandros Parisis, President of the Union of Municipalities from the Ionian Sea and Mayor of Kefallonia and Nicole Katsioulis, Head of the FES Office in Greece officially addressed the Forum.

The 42 European island representatives were joined by organizations with an interest in the potential carried by islands including the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee , the European Small Islands Federation, the Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union, the Greek Energy Forum and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). The Islands Commission of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions also addressed the Forum.
Smart Island Activities in Greece - 1 August 2016
Review of activities of DAFNI network and the Aegean Energy Agency related to the promotion of Smart Islands - Newsletter Vol. 1
Promotion of Kythnos as "Smart Island" - Visit of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) - 17 May 2016
On Monday 17 May a team of seven representatives of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) visited Kythnos in the framework of the Committees' initiative "Smart Islands in Europe". The visit was organized with the assistance of DAFNI Network of Sustainable Aegean and Ionian Islands and the Aegean Energy Agency.
Strategic Cooperation of European Islands
Islands from all over Europe share experiences with the aim to improve multilevel cooperation and support the implementation of sustainable energy projects of local importance that derive from their sustainable energy plans.
Greek islands lead the way for Pact of Islands - 33 Greek signatories in total - 1 July 2015
Elected representatives of local authorities from eight Greek islands travelled to Brussels on 25 June 2015 to join the Pact of Islands (PoI) during an official ceremony hosted at the European Parliament. The number of Greek signatories rises now to 33 (30 islands and 3 island regions).
Significant developments mark DAFNI's 2nd General Assembly - 27 June 2015
During its 2nd General Assembly on 27 June 2015 DAFNI members decided the expansion of the network's operations into the Ionian Sea. DAFNI now stands for Network of Sustainable Aegean and Ionian Islands. This development comes as follow-up to visits organised by DAFNI staff in April in different Ionian islands to explore how these can drive smart and sustainable growth in the region.
SMILEGOV Final Conference - 24 June 2015
On 24 June 2015 the final conference of SMILEGOV project took place at the Committee of the Regions. SMILEGOV is an EU funded project that DAFNI managed between 2013 and 2015 involving 13 partners from island clusters from all four European basins (Mediterranean, Baltic, North and Atlantic).
International conference "Smart Grid Applications in Europe and the Case of Islands"
The very successful international conference “Smart Grid Applications in Europe and the Case of Islands” was organised by the Network of Sustainable Aegean Islands (DAFNI) with Dominique Ristori, Director General Energy of the European Commission a key note speaker. It was a high level meeting for grid distributors, electricity utilities, regulators, technology providers, renewable energy companies, consultants, educational & research institutions, local authorities and active electricity users.